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We are not omnipotent, but we must do our best

HARVI TECHNICAL is a spinning and weaving mill located in Yantai China. With advancedbusiness and management concept, first class technical specialists and skilled workers, weengage ourselves in the development and manufacturing of various protection products withthe functions of being high temperature retardant, flame retard, bullet proof and stab retardant Harvi Technical is a vertical textile company supplying spun yarns of Newstar meta-aramid, para-aramid, PBO, and other different technical fibers, various specifications of aramidfabrics and protective series. We own modern advanced spinning lines and weaving looms. Thvarn counts cover ranges from Ne5 to Ne60; loom width varies from 1.5m to 3.6m.

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We are not omnipotent, but we must do our best
Application Industry
It is mainly used in military and police, fire protection, petroleum, chemical industry, refining and other special industries.
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It is committed to the development and production of all kinds of fire-resistant and flame-retardant, bulletproof and stab proof special protection products.
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We are not omnipotent, but we must do our best

Forest fire is one of the serious natural disasters and public crisis events because of its sudden and destructive nature. At present, the temperature is rapidly warming up and the outdoor air drying is the high incidence period of forest fire


The application field of flame retardant protective clothing has been very extensive, but the overall usage needs to be further improved, which is not good with the economic benefits of many enterprises. The budget of flame retardant protective clothing is insufficient, which leads to the poor quality of purchased flame retardant protective clothing, and can not give full play to the role of flame retardant protective clothing


Flame retardant clothing is one of the most widely used personal protective equipment. The protective principle of flame retardant clothing is to take the shielding effect of heat insulation, reflection, absorption, carbonization and isolation. The flame retardant clothing protects workers from open fire or heat source.


Beautiful May is a good season for outdoor cycling! Cycling as a healthy and natural way of outdoor sports, not only tests your physical fitness, endurance and willpower, but also has a variety of risks. Therefore, when you are enjoying the pleasure of riding, you should also be prepared for various safety precautions.


Flame retardant protective clothing, especially flame retardant protective clothing made of flame retardant finishing fabric, must be soaked and washed with cold water before wearing; it should be cleaned timely after being contaminated with flammable dust, oil and other flammable liquids.

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