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Please keep this safety tips for outdoor cycling!

2020/8/26 10:47:45

Beautiful May is a good season for outdoor cycling! Cycling as a healthy and natural way of outdoor sports, not only tests your physical fitness, endurance and willpower, but also has a variety of risks. Therefore, when you are enjoying the pleasure of riding, you should also be prepared for various safety precautions.

·Keep safe driving distance

When riding, keep a proper safety distance from other people and vehicles to prevent emergency braking. Due to the light body of the bicycle, emergency braking may lead to rollover and other serious consequences. The correct way should be to put the brake with both hands, slow down slowly, do not only brake the front wheel. (braking before braking is recommended)

·Slow down when turning

When riding a bicycle, you should reduce the speed to a safe range before entering a curve. Do not make a collision. Also avoid braking in the process of turning, so as to avoid losing balance and causing accidents. Before changing the driving direction, you can make a gesture to remind other passers-by, observe the unmanned vehicle before turning.

·Measure the capacity and select the right road section

The topography of each region is changeable and the mountains and rivers are beautiful. Cycling tourism is a very popular leisure activity. But before traveling, you should make a good route plan and measure your physical strength and skills. Increase riding distance and intensity step by step, replenish water at any time, and arrange appropriate rest time.

·Wear safety helmet correctly

It is suggested that cyclists should form the habit of wearing helmets. Before wearing helmets, they should choose the appropriate size; adjust the knob at the rear to keep the tightness comfortable but not loose; fix the adjusting buttons on both sides under the earlobe to avoid shaking or falling off; fasten the buttons to keep comfortable and fixed; the front edge of helmet should be pressed down and aligned with eyebrows to ensure the protection of forehead.

In the selection of safety helmets, the material selection of helmets is very important. Choosing riding helmets containing aramid is lighter and stronger than ordinary helmets. Using aramid to make helmet keel framework can greatly improve the strength and safety factor of helmets, while not increasing the overall quality, which can effectively protect the rider's head.

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