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Bright future of flame retardant protective clothing

2020/8/26 10:58:03

At present, the application field of flame retardant protective clothing has been very extensive, but the overall usage needs to be further improved, which is not good with the economic benefits of many enterprises, and the budget for flame retardant protective clothing is insufficient, which leads to the purchase of flame retardant protective materials With the development of science and technology, the quality of flame-retardant protective clothing is improved, the cost is reduced, people's awareness of safety and self-protection is improved, and relevant laws and regulations are issued. Protective clothing with good flame retardant performance and comfortable performance will be widely accepted by relevant industries, and the research on it will be more and more in-depth.

In the future, the protective clothing will be made of new synthetic materials, integrating fire prevention, poison prevention and chemical prevention into one, and developing into wearing comfort. There is a microclimate adjusting device which can work continuously for six hours inside the garment, which overcomes the shortcomings of the original cold winter and hot summer.

Protective gloves and boots are lighter and easier to use. There is a pocket alarm on the wrist of firefighters. It can display the air safety index and the ratio of various kinds of smoke in the air in digital form at any time. If the poisonous gas threatens the life safety of firefighters, it will immediately alarm the police with high sensitivity.

The alarm also sends the exact location of the firefighters to the headquarters, as well as the pulse beat of the firefighters. If the fireman is in distress and his pulse is abnormal, the alarm will automatically send out a distress signal to the headquarters immediately, so that he can be rescued as soon as possible.

Our future is not a dream. With the development and progress of society, all kinds of fires and natural disasters are also rising. We believe that these protective equipment will continue to improve in the future, so as to better serve human beings in resisting various disasters.

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