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Maintenance of flame retardant clothing

2020/8/26 10:44:51

Flame retardant protective clothing, especially flame retardant protective clothing made of flame retardant finishing fabric, must be soaked and washed with cold water before wearing; it should be cleaned timely after being contaminated with flammable dust, oil and other flammable liquids. It is better not to wash the flame retardant protective clothing with other clothes. Neutral detergent should be used instead of soap or soap powder to avoid the formation of a layer of flammable deposit on the surface of clothes, which will affect the flame retardant effect and air permeability. The washing water temperature should be below 40 ℃, the washing time should be as short as possible, but there should be sufficient time to rinse with water to remove the residual detergent. Do not use bleaching powder to decontaminate, so as not to affect the flame retardant performance and the strength of the material. Do not brush with hard objects such as brush or rub with hands. The flame retardant protective clothing should be dried naturally to avoid the influence of sunlight and heat source baking on its protective performance. If the accessories such as hooks and buckles fall off, they must be mended in time, and the hooks and buckles should be tightly fastened when wearing; try to avoid contacting with chemical corrosive products such as acid and alkali, and pay attention to prevent damage caused by hooks, hooks, stranding, grinding, etc.; in case of seam damage, flame retardant thread shall be used for timely sewing.

The flame retardant protective clothing shall be scrapped in time in case of damage, mildew or oil stains that cannot be cleaned. The user shall sample and submit the flame retardant protective clothing which has been used for 1 year or stored for 1 year for inspection. The products that lose the flame retardant protection performance after testing shall be scrapped in a timely manner to ensure the qualified products.

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