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What are the characteristics and technical indicators of flame retardant clothing?

2020/8/26 10:55:17

Do you know the function of flame retardant overalls? Flame retardant clothing is one of the most widely used personal protective equipment. The protective principle of flame retardant clothing is to take the shielding effect of heat insulation, reflection, absorption, carbonization and isolation. The flame retardant clothing protects workers from open fire or heat source.

The flame retardant protective clothing has the following characteristics and technical parameters:

1. Easy to use, durable and safe fire resistant buttons. The upper body of the fire-retardant protective clothing has a safe and convenient built-in pocket, and the cuff is equipped with adjustable buttons. In the style, it is generally tight mouth type: tight cuff, collar, pants mouth; the general firefighters use four layers of flame retardant clothing, while the ordinary industry usually has one layer

2. Made of flame retardant material, it has strong flexibility, comfortable to wear and wide range of applications. It can provide the most effective protection for welding, pipe workers and wire drawing workers.

Main technical indicators:

1、Thermal protection coefficient: A: direct skin contact≥126TPP/(kw/s/m2);There is a gap between skin and clothing≥250TPP/(kw?s/m2),Grade B -- grade C--。

2、Flame retardant: Aramid blended fabric, flame retardant cotton, continuous burning time A-level≤2s,Grade B≤2s,Grade C≤5s、Smoldering time a≤2s,Grade B≤2s、Grade C≤5s,damaged length :A级≤50mm,Grade B≤100mm、Grade C≤150mm,No melting and dripping;

3、Breaking strength: before washing≥450N、After washing≥400N;

4、Tear strength: before washing≥25N;

5、Moisture permeability:≥6000g/(m2?24h);

6、Bending length:≤3cm;

7、Dimensional Stability To Washing+2.5%~-2.5%。

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