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Provide all-round protection for fire Heroes

2020/8/26 10:59:22

Forest fire is sudden and destructive, which is one of the serious natural disasters and public crisis events. At present, the temperature is rapidly warming, and the outdoor air drying is the high incidence period of forest fire. The editor here reminds you to pay attention to fire prevention and strictly abide by the forest fire prevention regulations when entering the forest area.

It is very difficult to deal with forest fire. Forest fire prevention is often faced with complex, difficult and dangerous environment. Once a serious forest fire occurs, it will not only bring disaster to the forest, but also cause ecological disaster and social crisis. In the face of complex and dangerous fire fighting environment, there are always such a group of lovely people. They go against the fire, brave and fearless, and protect the safety of one side. They are the fire Heroes & mdash; & mdash; forest firefighters.

In the face of fierce fire, the protective equipment provided by forest firefighters is particularly important. Among them, the fire-proof clothing is the last barrier to protect the life safety of forest fire-fighting workers. The high-performance aramid forest fire-retardant clothing can effectively reduce the damage to human body caused by flame and high temperature, and improve the survival probability of the wearer in forest fire accidents.

Aramid fiber has the characteristics of flame retardant, high temperature resistance and no droplet. When encountering the strong high temperature from 900 ℃ to 1500 ℃, the aramid fabric will carbonize and thicken rapidly, forming a unique heat insulation barrier, which can provide sufficient thermal protection for the rescue soldiers on site.

With the deepening of individual protection concept, the development of new materials and the continuous progress of manufacturing technology, multi-functional, lightweight, high-tech content of protective clothing will be the future development trend of forest fire-fighting clothing.

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